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The Captain Tractor Power Trio (Chris Wynters, Scott Peters, Jason Kodie and Shannon Johnson – YES, THERE ARE FOUR OF US!!!) will begin performing every second Thursday at OVERTIME in Sherwood Park starting on February 10, 2011. There will be no cover and we welcome requests via the Captain Tractor Facebook group. Hope to see you out very soon.


Today I am trying to get back to work at everything after a low key, family focused, Christmas vacation. It’s been a great break, but it feels good to get back at it.

I’m really concentrating on getting the score finished for RED LIPS, THE MUSICAL, which goes up in Calgary in June. (Produced by Liquid Meld Theatre at the Vertigo Space). It’s a bit behind – to be honest it’s a lot behind –  but I’m confident I’ll have the piano/vocal done within about 10 days or so. Jeff Smook is working on the bass and drum parts and he is making progress as well.

Once RED LIPS is done I will be back at SAINT AGGIE’S ’84, writing a couple of new songs and scenes for the two act version of the show. Still trying to find somewhere to workshop the new version in around April. (Any suggestions are appreciated).

The Captain Tractor record is now in the design stage and some shows are being booked for March. The actual release of the record will be in May or June and there will be some more live dates at that time. Hopefully we’ll being playing festivals all over the place this summer.

Captain Tractor’s new record, out in the spring (2011), has just been sent to us from mastering. Right now we are listening to the masters and making sure everything is sounding right. A few notes from me, and probably a few from the others, but it’s all pretty close.

Finalizing mixes on the new Deon Blyan record today. Also, receiving the final mixes from John Whynot of the new Captain Tractor album, which goes for mastering on December 8.

So many hours in one day….

via So many hours in one day….

But I’m blogging a whole lot on the show I’m writing: Saint Aggie’s ’84.

Halfway through day four with the Wheat Pool. Working on less fleshed out songs today. I always enjoy this part of the process. Sometimes the best songs come out of these kind of sessions. Two of Mike’s ideas are under the microscope today: “Italy” and “Selfish Guns”. Very rewarding.

Just added the new WordPress App for iPhone. Maybe this could work…

In the studio with The Wheat Pool this week. Very hard at work as you can see.


Has it come to this?

Has it come to this?

Captain Tractor performed two shows this past weekend in Lethbridge and Calgary. The shows were great, but I was sick as a dog. We played a small club in Lethbridge on Friday called “The Slice Bar and Grill”. It was a small sweaty place, that reminded me of the places we always seemed to find ourselves in in the 90s. In Calgary the scene was somewhat different as the venue was none other than the Deerfoot Casino. A fine crowd assembled, theatre style, on soft seats in orderly rows. After a few songs the folks got up and danced and it felt like a Tractor show.

write-a-bookI finished the first song in the show yesterday. “Write A Book” is a song for the authors to sing. I’m thinking right now it’s got a bit of a Noel Coward vibe…but with a kind of poppy Ben Folds feel. Tonight I worked with Jay Gilday…he tracked the vocals for “The Edge of the World”.

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