Chris is well known for his work with Alberta Recording Artists, Captain Tractor, the group with which he made six albums, seven videos, and crossed Canada, the USA and the World, non-stop, for six years (and still continues with slightly less frequency). Captain Tractor is now sixteen years old, signed to Six Shooter Records in Toronto, and has sold in excess of 80 000 CDs. Chris’ first solo record, Skywriting, was released in 2005 on Six Shooter Records. His latest effort, Chris Wynters 2010-1982, is collection of 18 songs (nine originals and nine 1980s covers) which will be released as 12 song physical album and a 6 song digital EP on Shameless Records. Chris is also a record producer and the co-owner of the Norwood Studio in Edmonton along with partner, James Murdoch. In the past year and a half Chris and James have produced over 20 albums including critically acclaimed albums from Amy Seeley, Jay Gilday, Martin Kerr, Chanda Cooper and two for The Wheat Pool.