Crazy month. Went so fast. Took a picture from my spot for the first time in nearly 6 months. My knee is feeling nearly back to normal and I’m hoping I’m going to be able to start running again on some sort of regular basis. Getting back into it slowly, only doing any sort of distance no more than once a week. Today I did over 5 miles with no real pain. Last week it was four.

Listening to 80s greats, the CLEANERS FROM VENUS. Another new discovery for me. Holy crap these guys made some great records. Just downloaded the “Very Best Of…” from iTunes. $9.99 for 22 tracks. A deal and a half. Some of this sounds like it could have been released last week. “Ilya (sic) Kuryakin Looked at Me” and “I was a Teenage Idiot Dancer”. Magic.

Also loving the new Frank Turner record that Maria picked up for me last week. Frank Mills opened for Joel Plaskett at the Winspeare and I think Maria was feeling guilty so she bought me a CD.

Had a great time at the SAID THE WHALE show last night. Great live show. Very nice people. Their first two shows in Edmonton at the Druid on a Tuesday night, by the way. Lots of talented young players feature at my Open Stage every week. Sometimes they become Juno winning international touring acts.

Also…come to my show tomorrow night at the Carrot. 7-10PM. $5.