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Finally, it has a title. Whew! I’m really happy with this. It’s close enough to the Shakespeare but still different. I believe it implies a more modern connotation of the word ‘measure’ which is even kind of newsy. It almost could be the title of a news show…which is exactly what it needs to be. All the titles we were playing around with, most of which came from the text of Measure for Measure all felt a bit pompous. I think we’ve made the right decision. But here’s the list:

What Our Seemers Be
The Outward Side
The One Wearing White
As Faults from Seeming Free
The Deceiver Deceived
All Good Seeming
If Power Change Purpose What Our Seemers Be
Oh! Love’s Best Habit is in Seeming Trust
Seeming, Seeming
A Feather Will Turn the Scale
Cleaning House
Our Man on the Ground
Measures and Seemers
Measures and Measures
Measure to Measures
Measures to Measures

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  • Saint Aggie’s ’84: GCS Newsbreak April 17, 2012
    Here’s a story on the show that aired in Greensboro today.
  • Saint Aggie’s on WFMY News March 31, 2012
    Here’s an interview on KFMY television in North Carolina with Keith Taylor, Saint Aggie’s ’84’s director, and Katie Sessoms who plays Hattie in the show.
  • Adventures in North Carolina March 29, 2012
    Last week I ventured to the state of North Carolina to witness the opening of the premiere of the two-act version of SAINT AGGIE’S ’84 at the Weaver Academy in Greensboro. I flew in on Tuesday night (it was supposed to be Tuesday afternoon – thanks United Airlines) caught the dress rehearsal and watched the […]
  • A photo from another world… February 15, 2012
    Here it is. The first glimpse of the next cast of Saint Aggie’s ’84. Yes, the photo is bit grainy and slightly unclear, reminding me a little of a photo from early space exploration, an early moon probe, transmitted back to earth slowly via radio waves and taking hours to receive, decipher and print. Of […]
  • On Our Way January 25, 2012
    My new EP has on it (among other things) my version of ON OUR WAY from Saint Aggie’s ’84. You can check the song out or download it alone or with the whole EP at bandcamp. ***ALSO*** Watch for progress reports from Greensboro NC, where rehearsals are underway at the Weaver Academy for the debut […]
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