Holy-moly has it been nice this fall. Summer is finally here Alberta…and I haven’t blogged since back in rainy June!

Nearing the halfway mark in the run of “Four Lads Who Shook The World: The Beatles Story Part 1” at the Mayfield. If you’re planning to come to the show you’ve still got about five weeks left before it closes. I’m having a great time singing all those fantastic songs doing my best to sound like a chippy kid from Liverpool. Mike Ross wrote a little story about it in gigcity.

I did finish Saint Aggie’s ’84 for the most part and it has been sent off to the good people at the Weaver Academy in North Carolina to peruse. I don’t think it’s quite ready to go yet and that I’ve probably got one more rewrite to do. It would be nice to schedule a reading here in E-ville if time permits.

As soon as I finish blurting out this little note I will be getting right back to Draft 1 of the new show that I’m writing for Lord Beaverbrook School (Calgary) / Scona High School (Edmonton). This yet untitled new musical, based on Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, will be running at three separate occasions including a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland in the Summer of 2012. Thanks to both the AFA and the Edmonton Arts Council for funding!!!

Thanks for reading. Now back to work.