I’ve been running but not putting these up for the past few days. I’m not sure why I’ve not been posting them. This morning, I listened to the latest Decemberists record, The King is Dead. I’ve been listening to it on and off for the past few months and I have actually been in enjoying it, however, yesterday I heard them talking to Jian on Q about how they got Peter Buck from REM to play lots of the guitars in the studio (well…barn), and now the whole thing makes much more sense to me. This is the danger of purchasing music from iTunes and not having liner notes to read. I’d been thinking that “All Arise!” sounded more than a lot like “Orange Crush”. Ahh…..now I get it.

April 23, 2011 – 8:27AM (-1 degrees Celsius)

April 22, 2011 – 8:01AM (-2 degrees Celsius)

April 21, 2011 – 7:17AM (zero degrees Celsius)