I have to finish Saint Aggie’s ’84 in the next two weeks. That is the deadline I’ve set for myself. This morning as I sloshed through the ice and slush I thought through the directions in which the play is going to go. Some of the ideas are going to shake things up considerably. On my headphones was Radio 3 again. I love that Danny Michel song, “Switchman” that’s from last year’s Sunset Sea record. I’ve heard it a few times on R3 in past couple of weeks. The “Switchman” in the song is the guy that switches us between the tracks as we chug along rails of our lives where we have little of no control. It’s all up to him, the “Switchman”. Well, “Switchman”, just let me finish writing this damned show, let me figure out how to fix scene 3 and don’t let me slip on this f#@KINg ice.

April 15, 2011 – 7:25AM (-2 degrees C)