I’m sorry to have to report that Red Lips, the Musical will not be happening this June in our neighbour city to the south. The four hander musical based on James Shirley’s The Lady of Pleasure, that I wrote ten years ago with Tim Ryan and Jeff Smook, has been cancelled by Liquid Meld Theatre, along with the rest of their season running at the Vertigo Theatre space in downtown Calgary. I have to say I’m very disappointed about not getting a chance to see this work again. (Actually, I never saw it last time as I was on stage performing in the show as well). I feel sorry for all of the Liquid Meld folks for having to pull the plug, and extremely sorry to all of the people that were hoping to be working on these shows. There really isn’t anything to say about it except that it sucks.

It would have been nice not to have had to find out about the cancellation from a mass email inviting me to a premature season rap party for the company which had me thinking, “Hmm, I wonder why they’re having a wrap party in April when Red Lips is in June?” But what the hey, I’m sure they had stuff on their minds. No hard feelings. I suppose I’m thankful that this near-production has become the catalyst for me completing the score for the show which had never been written out…even if it did take up the entire month of November and half of December.

So if anyone is looking for a great small cast musical set in a coffee shop…get in touch. We’ll do lunch.