Yesterday I started reformatting the Red Lips script in order to make some improvements to the lyrics. I needed to do this as the only copy I have of the script in digital form is a PDF file, so in order to make any changes to anything I would have to copy the text from the PDF into a Word or Final Draft document. You can just cut and paste from such a file (thanks for reminding me Maria), but when you’ve done it, all the formatting is gone. Mr. Timothy F. Ryan always did such a great job with the presentation of his scripts – and Red Lips was no exception. I still have a photocopy of the original draft 1 of Frankenstein (circa 1991) in Tim’s handwritten block lettering. It’s really beautiful.

So anyway, I’m working away, hoping that I’m doing it justice. I’d given the whole thing a good strong font with a decent sarif (Tim always liked sarif for some reason) and I’m finally thinking he would like this font I’d chosen. I’m about halfway through act 1 in about an hour and a half. Making good time. Everything was going great!

Then I dumped a cup of tea into the keyboard.

Amazingly, everything is going to be fine. I managed to keep the liquid to the right side of the computer by tipping it up on it’s side almost immediately (it was a split second reflex, actually – scarily fast), saving the hard drive and other important hardware from being drowned. Long story short, I’m just going to need a new keyboard. That is all. Whew!

And a couple more days.