Crazy month. Went so fast. Took a picture from my spot for the first time in nearly 6 months. My knee is feeling nearly back to normal and I’m hoping I’m going to be able to start running again on some sort of regular basis. Getting back into it slowly, only doing any sort of distance no more than once a week. Today I did over 5 miles with no real pain. Last week it was four.

Listening to 80s greats, the CLEANERS FROM VENUS. Another new discovery for me. Holy crap these guys made some great records. Just downloaded the “Very Best Of…” from iTunes. $9.99 for 22 tracks. A deal and a half. Some of this sounds like it could have been released last week. “Ilya (sic) Kuryakin Looked at Me” and “I was a Teenage Idiot Dancer”. Magic.

Also loving the new Frank Turner record that Maria picked up for me last week. Frank Mills opened for Joel Plaskett at the Winspeare and I think Maria was feeling guilty so she bought me a CD.

Had a great time at the SAID THE WHALE show last night. Great live show. Very nice people. Their first two shows in Edmonton at the Druid on a Tuesday night, by the way. Lots of talented young players feature at my Open Stage every week. Sometimes they become Juno winning international touring acts.

Also…come to my show tomorrow night at the Carrot. 7-10PM. $5.


Saint Aggie’s ’84 opened last night at the Weaver Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina. Amazing to see the show come together over the last few days and really kick it for the first time in front of an audience. Thanks to everyone for their fantastic work. The show has not been without it’s hurdles, with illness running through the ranks, a cut foot requiring crutches not to mention that Katie Sessoms (playing Hattie) underwent an emergency appendectomy on Sunday. Somehow last night everything fell into place and under the fine direction of Keith Taylor (director), Jason Kraak (musical director) and Lindsey Clinton-Kraak (choreographer) the show looked smashing. 

Here are some photos.







And no, it’s not the raising terror alert in US.

It is, in fact, the colours of my script getting shorter. Much shorter. As difficult as it might be to cut, with each cut the story actually seems to be getting clearer. It feels, at first, as if you are stripping away important details, but in fact what is actually happening is that you are focusing the eye of the audience on what is truly important. It’s really interesting. Not easy, but interesting.

So first it was yellow: tactical large chunks. Now it is orange: more surgical, but still some big pieces. I’m thinking next will be green…those will be the cuts that can’t even fathom doing right now. By the end of this my script will be very colorful indeed.

In any case, the Red Arrow is the only way to move between YYC and YEG, cruising right by each airport on the way. Oh, there’s YEG. Home soon.

Finally, it has a title. Whew! I’m really happy with this. It’s close enough to the Shakespeare but still different. I believe it implies a more modern connotation of the word ‘measure’ which is even kind of newsy. It almost could be the title of a news show…which is exactly what it needs to be. All the titles we were playing around with, most of which came from the text of Measure for Measure all felt a bit pompous. I think we’ve made the right decision. But here’s the list:

What Our Seemers Be
The Outward Side
The One Wearing White
As Faults from Seeming Free
The Deceiver Deceived
All Good Seeming
If Power Change Purpose What Our Seemers Be
Oh! Love’s Best Habit is in Seeming Trust
Seeming, Seeming
A Feather Will Turn the Scale
Cleaning House
Our Man on the Ground
Measures and Seemers
Measures and Measures
Measure to Measures
Measures to Measures


Read through the new play one and a half times yesterday with the Edinburgh bound cast of LBHS. Exciting to hear the show in its entirety for the first time. Hoping to have a title by the end of the day. Running time was nearly 2 ours and 20 minutes. As the show needs to run 1 hour and 20 mins there is some major cutting to do…but this is to be expected. Better get to it.


My EP, 2010-1982 CTD., is now available at bandcamp. A few more tracks from the sessions from my last album, three more original songs and three more 80’s covers. The EP is available for digital download only, so sorry if you prefer a hard copy. I’m just happy that it’s no longer collecting digital dust. Here’s a little video for “City of Champions” taken from the loft a few nights ago. It was -32 outside. Seemed fitting.

I’m releasing a new digital EP next week. It’s more of the sessions from 2010-1982. It will be available at and all the other usual outlets next week.

I’m coming to the end of a week of powerwriting and working with the talented students of Lord Beaverbrook High School in Calgary. We’ve been workshopping a new musical I am writing based on Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare, set in a modern international news network. Still don’t have a title for it, and there’s a long way to go, but it has been an exciting week and we’ve accomplished a lot, including recording a six song CD of some of the music from the show.

I will be starting a new blog for the new musical as soon as things get a little less hectic.

Holy-moly has it been nice this fall. Summer is finally here Alberta…and I haven’t blogged since back in rainy June!

Nearing the halfway mark in the run of “Four Lads Who Shook The World: The Beatles Story Part 1” at the Mayfield. If you’re planning to come to the show you’ve still got about five weeks left before it closes. I’m having a great time singing all those fantastic songs doing my best to sound like a chippy kid from Liverpool. Mike Ross wrote a little story about it in gigcity.

I did finish Saint Aggie’s ’84 for the most part and it has been sent off to the good people at the Weaver Academy in North Carolina to peruse. I don’t think it’s quite ready to go yet and that I’ve probably got one more rewrite to do. It would be nice to schedule a reading here in E-ville if time permits.

As soon as I finish blurting out this little note I will be getting right back to Draft 1 of the new show that I’m writing for Lord Beaverbrook School (Calgary) / Scona High School (Edmonton). This yet untitled new musical, based on Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, will be running at three separate occasions including a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland in the Summer of 2012. Thanks to both the AFA and the Edmonton Arts Council for funding!!!

Thanks for reading. Now back to work.

I have not been running. Injured leg. So I have been swimming, which doesn’t make for much of a photo, not to mention that it would destroy my iPhone. And although I find swimming great exercise I find it incredibly boring, you can’t listen to music and there’s all the counting (lengths) and all that business about trying to remember to breathe, etc…it’s just too hard to think. So for the past few mornings I have been riding my newly refurbished 12 year old mountain bike that is a bit too small, but will have to do. This morning as I rode I listened to some demos of the new show I’ve been commissioned to write. I promised myself that I would finish Saint Aggie’s before I launched into this new project, but as it turns out the new play will be due first, and I’m feeling a need to get a feel for it, if nothing but for my peace of mind. I’ve decided that I’m going to finish the opening scene/song and a few other stand along songs, and then I’ll get back to Saint Agatha’s Academy.

June 9, 2011 – 7:05AM (+9 degrees Celsius)

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